Stefan Sagmeister TED Talk

Recently, I watched a TED talk presented by the designer Stefan Sagmeister. The talk was titled Stefan Sagmeister: Designing with Slogans. It was a relatively short TED talk but it was still interesting to watch.

Sagmeister gave another presentation prior to this one about the things that he has learned over time, things like “money does not make me happy” and “everybody thinks they are always right.”


In this presentation he talked about how he took those phrases and turned them into works of art. Throughout many different cities he presented his ideas through a form of art. It was really interesting to watch the way he created these pieces and what inspired him. It gave me a lot of insight on how to get inspired and to find beauty in everything. After watching the talk I visited his website which had a portfolio of all his works, which was fascinating to look at. He is also a member of the AIGA which is the professional association for design. On that site it had information about his life and the different awards he won and clients he has worked for. Sagmeister is a big influencer in the graphic design world and I hope to one day have the passion and drive that he has.

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