Social Media Used in Stabbing Case?

Social media was a major part of the story about the stabbing at a college university. It was used to provide CNN with information on the case and inform the public. At the end of the school, the article mentions the use of the school that the stabbing was in’s Twitter page and receiving information from that. That is a good way to get reliable information on the case. They have proof the school said it, especially if the school is a verified account. This means they know who is sending the Tweets. Instagram was used in the news story as well. This does not really aid the story, but it helps readers of the news get a better grasp of what the scene actually looks like. Photos were taken off people’s instagrams that had posted pictures of the scene. The specific picture was of a helicopter taking away someone. It helps the reader better understand the situation, which is what the news media is trying to do. This might not be the biggest national story, but it still provides multiply examples of social media to aid the story and help readers.

CNN Story


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