Companies & Their Social Media

GQ Magazine. Gentleman’s Quarterly uses social media very effectively. I mainly looked at their Twitter account that posts links to their online stories. This works well for them because the magazine produces some stories that are transferred online.  Users are then able to read these stories from links posted on the Twitter account. This could draw people to want to read more, or see the story in print, which would consumers want to purchase the magazine or subscribe for a fee online.

Brian Communications. Brian Communications has a Twitter and Instagram account. Recently, they did all the public relations for the papal visit, so their Twitter is currently filled with Retweets about the work they did for that. Their Instagram is the same way, filled with all the press and images of the papel visit.

Washington Nationals. The Washington Nationals has many different social media accounts on many different platforms. Generally, they have content about the current event, like the “Swing for your Seats Event” is their current event. There is also pictures of the players and Retweets from people that have attended the game and posted content to their accounts.

Buzzfeed. Buzzfeed has accounts on all the social media platforms, and one of their most popular accounts is the App that they have. The Twitter and Instagram accounts mainly have images with links to the story that relates on the site. Their Facebook account also has this, but they all have a lot of videos, which are essentially stories just put into videos, which get shared by many people.

Human Rights Campaign. The Human Rights Campaigh has a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, and Google+ account. Similarly to the other companies, they post about their current events on the social media. More recently, national coming out day occurred, so their Twitter feed was filled with Retweets from people commenting about the day.


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